Man_dogjeep…The Story Begins

Hello friends, and welcome to our page. We are excited to launch our new website and introduce man_dogjeep. I'm David, and I travel in a Matt Khaki Green 2017 JKU Rubicon. Knox (short for Knoxville), is my gregarious and energetic Australian Cattle Pup. The three of us are traveling throughout this great country and hoping to discover our connection to the open road and the wonderful landscape we call America?

The story began quite unintentionally. I'd had a truck for several years and by 2019, I had put quite a few miles on it and wanted to trade it in for a new one. That's when I came across a lonely blue 2017 JKU Wrangler Rubicon sitting on a lot in Caldwell, Idaho for two years. The color was less than popular and with the new JL models coming out, no one had purchased it. Suddenly, the dream of a lifetime was in reach. After much research and debate, I flew to Idaho and bought the jeep.

So the journey begins with no conceivable notion of what the future had in store. Throughout the rest of the year, I started following jeep forums and watching many YouTube videos. Fortunately, my research provided several ideas for modifications and upgrades. Although some were costly, I came up with an idea and set up a vehicle that would easily travel off-road through the mountains and coast of central and northern California. Yes, I lived in California!!! For many years as a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton and ultimately settling in Bakersfield, working in oilfield equipment manufacturing. Looking back, however, this was more than a jeep. My Rubicon was a reward for ten years of hard work and seven years of night school.

I started modifying, adding, and subtracting to what would eventually become the jeep I have today. I was finally enjoying weekends off and exploring the numerous mountain and coastal trails of California's central valley I had come to love and then…Covid. Oil prices dropped, projects canceled, and ultimately I headed east. Steadfastly looking for work in my home state of Tennessee and realizing the bleak outlook due to Covid, I began to contemplate my drive across HWY 40 and my many other adventures on the road. I started researching places on google maps and marking locations I hoped to visit and began to formulate an idea…Why couldn't I travel to these places, test my jeep skills, and share these stories on social media and possibly start a blog page.

It wasn't long before I started many day trips on the east coast, graduating to nights and weekends. While I had a great time, I learned a valuable lesson…The road is lonely, and there's only so much music, books, or podcasts a person can listen to before going a little crazy. I'd had dogs in the past, and thought a little pup would be a great companion on the road. But what type of dog would I choose? Not too big, and not too small. Preferably a rescue! After many months on craigslist, I found Knox, an Australian Cattle Dog. I thought, wow, he's the perfect size for my jeep, but would I be able to provide the activity and stimulation this breed demands? Knox was born on a cattle ranch in Kentucky and the last of his litter…The last picked…I can't imagine he would comprehend that, but I certainly could.

Please join our blog as we travel throughout this great nation. Our focus will encompass jeep trails, Overlanding, places to stay, great food, along with the joys and restrictions of traveling with a pet. Over the next few months, we'll be traveling through California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and Montana. We hope the information on this blog motivates you to get out there on the open road.

Until then fellow adventurers. "Find your Trail, and Get Out There!!!"


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