The Jeep Build, Part 1

Updated: Jul 8

Hello Friends,

If you read our introductory post, you'll know that Knox and I travel throughout the country and share our adventures through our blog on Over the next series of blogs, I would like to share the evolution of the stock jeep I purchased to the vehicle I have driven many miles exploring this great country.


Man_dogjeep is not endorsed or sponsored by any of the products discussed in this blog series. Additionally, I am a novice jeeper learning the ins and outs of operating a 4 x 4 Offroad Vehicle. All of the parts, except the lift, were installed by me or with a bit of help from my friends.

On to the Build

While I wanted many modifications, I had to consider how I intended to use my jeep. Would this be a daily driver, trail rider, weekend warrior, or a bit of all three? A little planning during this phase provided a good starting point for the build and a direction to my first modification.

Having enough power to start the engine and charge auxiliary equipment was my top priority. I started with a list of what I would use on the road and its starting and operating load. Keep in mind; I listed these in order from load draw and usage. Yes, the ARB compressor is a considerable load on the battery, but I’m not using it as much as the cooler, and I can always run the engine while I use the compressor.

1. Dometic CFX35-3 cooler/freezer.

2. Cell Phone

3. Lap Top

4. Bose Speaker

5. Rock and Engine Compartment Lights

6. ARB Twin Compressor

Once I prioritized my power usage, I found the load for running/charging each device. Now, I’m not going to lie and tell you I computed each device for its load to size the battery. I did the next best thing and looked for a website that could help me convert these to loads and size the battery required to sustain myself on the road. The link below to provides an easy-to-use converter.

Once I knew my requirements, I explored a couple of connection and battery options. Ultimately, I chose the Genesis Offroad dual battery system with the G-Screen monitor. The Genesis system proved the most straightforward to install, and the Odyssey 34 PC-1500 batteries provide 68 Amp Hours each. More than enough for what I needed, and I could always add solar at a later time.


The installation video by Geneses Offroad on YouTube was very detailed, making the installation relatively easy. I would say no more than an hour and no special tools required. Don’t worry if you’re not driving a Jeep; Genesis has numerous options for other vehicles on their website. One thing to note, you will have to relocate your Evap Solenoid, which requires unclipping the part from its original mounting location to the mounting new Genesis cradle. I broke the clip…I have clip removal deficiency syndrome…If you’re like me, you can zip tie the solenoid or buy a new one for roughly $30.00.


I’ve been using the system for roughly two years and encountered no problems. I have also contacted Genesis via email with questions, and they responded within a day. Most notable was operating my Dometic cooler for more than three days without running the vehicle and having no issue starting the engine. I have considered solar but have not needed it to date. The option, however, does seem easy enough. There are other dual battery system options. The Genesis system mounts cleanly in my engine compartment, provides multiple power connections, and manages the power usage for my batteries.

If you are interested in this system, additional information can be found by clicking the links below.

GENISIS OFFROAD Dual Battery System W/2 Odyssey 34-P1500T Batteries (YouTube JK Installation Video)

There are also numerous accessories you can find on the Genesis Offroad website I purchased the G-Scree that allows you to monitor the following on your batteries:

-Voltage levels of both batteries.

-Remote status indicator - batteries connected or disconnected.

-Remote boost button –jump-start the engine from inside the cab if your cranking battery is dead.

*** The G-Screen fits In the S-Pod 6 switch system, which I will showcase in a separate blog.

I want to thank you for reading our blog and your interest in our website. Man_dogjeep will continue to showcase the equipment we use along with our travel and adventures out on the road. We hope you will continue to follow us, and please feel free to contact us through our webpage at

Until then, fellow adventurers..."Find your Trail, and Get Out There"