The Jeep Build, Part 2

Updated: Jul 8

Hello Friends,

As we move on to the next item in our jeep build, I'd like to discuss The Source Pod (sPOD) and six switch panel system. Today’s blog will focus on connecting all of our auxiliary electrical components through the stand-alone sPOD system without compromising or linking to the vehicle’s electrical system.


Man_dogjeep is not endorsed or sponsored by any of the products discussed in this blog series. Additionally, I am a novice jeeper learning the ins and outs of operating a 4 x 4 Offroad Vehicle. All of the parts, except the lift, were installed by me or with a bit of help from my friends.

On to the Build

While planning my jeep build, I quickly discovered connecting electrical components created an essential part of the process. A little research produced the sPOD system, which provides a means of connecting all of the vehicle’s electrical components to my Genesis Offroad dual battery system. While sPOD offers numerous products, I chose the sPOD box with the six switch panel. The system was in my budget and provided all of the switches I needed to connect auxiliary components to my battery. Additionally, the six switch panel mounts neatly above my rearview mirror and offers a slot for a gauge or the G Screen battery monitoring system.


sPOD did an outstanding job with the design of the box and panel, which made the installation quite easy. The mounting cradle for the box requires two existing screws and re-attaching in the engine compartment. The switch panel does require a little patience to mount. You will need to remove trim pieces with retainer clips and run a wiring harness in a tight area. Take your time and make sure the wiring harness fits neatly in its space in order to reattach the plastic windshield trim. I have provided a link below to one of the numerous installation videos found on YouTube.

Once you have the box and switch panel installed, two harness-style plug-ins connect the switch panel and battery to the sPOD box. Now you're ready to connect electrical components. All of your wire connections fit neatly through the bottom of the Spod box, and it's as simple as connecting your positive and ground with a Philips head screw. Word to the wise…If you’re like me and tend to have tiny screws disappear into thin air, use a magnetic head screwdriver!!!


All in all, I’d have to say the sPOD system was a great investment and an essential upgrade to my jeep. The system connects six axillary components to a stand-alone box in my engine compartment, operated through an easily accessible switch panel. I don't have to worry about overloading circuits or engine batteries. Best of all, I don't have to route and secure wires for numerous components within the engine compartment or into the cab. I like the system because it's simple and easy. If I have a problem, I can troubleshoot from one location and save time and brain cells.

Please visit the links below if you are interested in this system and would like more info.

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